Protandim Removes Oxidative Stress

Life Vantage is a new company that is growing very quickly.

ABC Primetime did an investigative report in 2005 and since then 26 universities have been studying Protandim and the results are amazing.

Protandim is per reviewed and quickly becoming recognized as a great product and a great business opportunity. Just go to and put in Oxidative stress and you will find over 80 thousand articles on what oxidative stress does to the body and over 100 diseases are connected to high oxidative stress. Protandim is the only supplement to reduce oxidative stress and is backed by 3 patents.

40+ years of research

Dr. Joe McCord - Pioneer of free Radical Biology , Co-discovered SOD

Elliott Cresson Medal Winner ie: Isaac Newton, Henry Ford, Alexander Grahmbell, etc.

Global Launch: United States, Mexico, Japan

Publically Traded (LFVN)

3 Government Patents with functioning Government Patient- all for 25 years.

Patent 1: View Article

Patent 2: View Article

List of the 200 + Health Conditions attached to 3r Gov. Patent View Document

Patient 3: View Article

BSCG Certified - International Olympic Committee(IOC), Nat. Athletics Association(NCAA), & National Football League(NFL) Official doc: View Document

Clinically proven to reduce cell aging by free radical Damage 40%

All natural/Gluten Free

Synergy of 5 herbs

Increases: SOD 34%, CAT 54%, GLUTATHIONE 300%

Featured in PBS, The Today Show, ABC, NBC, The Wall Street Journal, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjau Gupta's book, "Chasing Life"

7+ Peer review

Over 25 university studies

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Cyndy Everett, RN


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