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Enhancing Natural Beauty

Cyndy Everett, RN

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"In 2009, after raising my children, I began to look forward to a new beginning.  I went back to school and finished my Bachelor's degree in Accounting and now am in a Master's program.  As I gained new professional confidence, I wanted my "outside" to match my "inside".  That is when I contacted Cyndy Everett.  Through Cyndy's careful analysis and prudent use of products, my exterior confidence began to reflect my inner growth.  My skin has a healthy glow and texture.  Cyndy is medically trained to provide the safest and most cost effective treatment for any client.  Cyndy Everett helped me, a fifty year old grandmother, transform externally to reflect how she feels internally!"

Chris Kuglin

Cyndy is one of a kind!    She is BRILLIANT at what she does, but also has all the untrainable assets that cannot be taught or learned.  She has a natural gift with people,  a magnetic personality, and an amazing, contagious enthusiasm and passion for her work.  It goes without saying,  that she is as professional as they come.   I feel very comfortable and at ease when she is doing a procedure and I don't feel pressured, because she is so intuitive in knowing what is best for the individual.

Debi Henderson

Cyndy has taken her professionalism to new heights in the medical field of beauty product knowledge. She works with any number of products for facial enhancement, but will do only what YOU, the client feels will be BEST for you…not just what is popular. Her attention to detail is unmatched!



I have seen Cyndy for years for a reason. I trust her with my health and my beauty. She is a true professional, an expert in her field, fairly priced and a sweetheart of a person to boot. From delicate Botox to product selections that really work, she has always made me look my personal best. I highly recommend her!


Linda Tveidt

Los Angeles, California

 "I have known Cyndy for several years and have always admired her work, her ethics and her ability to succeed at her job. When I initially met her she was my client. Since then, I have become hers. She is extremely kind, knowledgeable and efficient at performing her job. If you want to look and feel better, I highly recommend calling her."   

Ken Caryl, Colorado

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