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Enhancing Natural Beauty

Cyndy Everett, RN

Being a guy, I knew that when I tried Botox, I was going to make sure and do it right.  Since this was not exactly like a haircut appointment, it was paramount that I find the best qualified technician possible.  I was fortunate enough to connect with Cyndy Everett.  Her skill, techniques, knowledge, and her way of explaining the whole process as she works is amazing.  Not only am I very happy with my results, but I'm also hoping to get one of my buddies to try it with me next time.       


Jason Lucas

Boynton Beach, Florida

It's Not Just For Women Anymore​.

  • Today, Botox is one of the hottest trends among men!

  • And one of the hottest trends among couples!

Botox for men, affectionately called "BRO-Tox" has been rising at incredible rates for the past few years.  It's now reached an all-time high.  It's becoming the new normal, such that couples are coming in for treatments together, and even giving our services as gifts to each other!  

All calls, consultations and procedures 

are discrete and absolutely confidential. 

BOTOX® Cosmetic for Men

BOTOX® injections for men are a convenient way for males to enhance their appearance without undergoing surgery. BOTOX® treatment temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles that cause the lines and wrinkles associated with aging. Within days of treatment, troublesome frown lines, forehead creases, and crow’s feet begin to fade or disappear.

BOTOX® Treatment – Information for Men


BOTOX® treatment for men works by paralyzing muscles underlying the areas where many early facial lines, wrinkles, and creases tend to appear, such as around the eyes and on the forehead. After being injected with BOTOX® Cosmetic, the muscles responsible for crow’s feet and other facial lines begin to relax. As a result, lines and wrinkles fade or disappear, and the skin takes on a smoother, younger-looking appearance. Frown lines, which can make a man look angry or upset regardless of how he feels, can also be minimized or eliminated with BOTOX® treatment.

The comfort and convenience of BOTOX® treatment have made it a popular cosmetic option for men. The procedure generally takes about 10 minutes, which allows patients to schedule appointments during their lunch hour. In addition, the injections cause only minor discomfort; the sensation is often compared to the sting of an ant bite and usually lasts only a few seconds. There is virtually no recovery period after BOTOX® treatment, and most men are able to return to their normal routine immediately. Because BOTOX® treatment involves no surgery, it is one of the safest and most effective cosmetic treatments available for facial rejuvenation.

Candidates for BOTOX® Treatment

Men who are in good health and who are beginning to notice wrinkles and lines around the eyes or between the brows may benefit from BOTOX® treatment. For men who want to look younger and more vital, the procedure represents one of the quickest, least invasive cosmetic procedures available. Most male patients who undergo BOTOX® treatment are in their 30s or older and are interested in minimizing or preventing early signs of aging. Men who are considering BOTOX® injections should have realistic expectations about what they can accomplish. A thorough discussion with a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist specializing in BOTOX® treatment can help patients develop realistic expectations and avoid disappointment.

After BOTOX® Treatment – What to Expect

While BOTOX® injections for men often produce dramatic cosmetic improvements, these results are not permanent. Typically, patients can expect one treatment to last roughly four months, after which additional injections will be necessary to maintain the various aesthetic results of BOTOX® treatment. However, there is evidence that subsequent treatments produce increasingly longer-lasting effects.


Other Services

Botox has wonderful uses; but other services include several brands, including state-of-the-art Dermal fillers.  Please call for more information on all the wonderful options available.



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